Ian Poulter Was Furious With Fans At The British Masters On Saturday

Ian Poulter Was Furious With Fans At The British Masters On Saturday

Ian Poulter is a shot off the lead in a five-way tie for second going into the final round of the British Masters. Ireland's Paul Dunne is one of those also a shot behind leader Robert Karlsson.

Fans at the Newcastle course raised the ire of Poulter during his 18 holes on Saturday. Several times the 41-year-old requested that spectators put their phones on silent.

Following the third round, Poulter, quoted by ESPN, expressed his annoyance as he felt fans using their phones on the course had cost him some shots.

What are we doing? We've allowed them all to take pictures and videos and tell them to put them on silent, and it doesn't work does it? You get distracted on the wrong hole at the wrong time and it's extremely penal and it's really fucking annoying.

Poulter did not agree that phones should be banned from courses like they are at The Masters. He did, however, say that those attending tournaments should be better informed about the distractions their phones cause.


No, I just think people need to educate themselves and understand it's an issue for us and them.

They don't realise they distract us as much as they do. Ninety-nine percent of them are on silent and unfortunately there's a couple which are not. You're not expecting it because you think they've got it on silent.

I'm angry and am going to continue to be angry until I wake up tomorrow morning. Throwing shots away for no reason is really annoying.

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