Rank These Irish Sports Personalities In Order Of Who You'd Most Like To Have A Pint With

The acid test of a person soundness is whether you could endure supping on an alcoholic beverage in their company and in only their company.

We have compiled a list of twenty of the finest and most vivid sports personalities ever to emerge from this island. All of these men, we believe, have their charms and their stories to tell. \Simply vote up or down depending on whether you would join any of these guys on the high stool. Vote up if you could tolerate a pint in their company, vote down if you would run a mile from the prospect.

Obviously, we are just talking about one or two drinks here rather than a epic bender. Drink responsibly, kids.


Conor Neville
Article written by
Perennial finalist in stand-up comedy competitions and former Contract Lawyer/ Coal Salesman with Corless, Corless and Sweeney

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