Tiger Woods Travelling To Play Golf With Two NFL Stars Before Crash

Tiger Woods Travelling To Play Golf With Two NFL Stars Before Crash

News broke on Tuesday that Tiger Woods had been involved in a serious collision while driving in the Los Angeles area. The 45-year-old had left the Terranea Resort in the Rancho Palos Verdes area on Tuesday morning.

Woods was in L.A. to act as an analyst for CBS in the PGA Tour Genesis Invitational. He was still recovering from a back surgery procedure undergone on December 23rd.

Tiger was participating in a two-day shoot with Golf TV at Rolling Hills Country Club with other notable celebrities including Justin Timberlake, Jessica Alba, David Spade and former NBA player Dwayne Wade.

The crash occurred approximately 30 minutes from downtown L.A. According to a police report, Woods struck the central median of the road, before hitting two signs and a small tree and rolling over his car.

On the day, Woods was set to participate in another shoot for Golf TV, with NFL stars Drew Brees and Justin Herbert. Brees retired from the game this year, and Herbert is coming off the back of an impressive rookie season.


Witnesses seeing Tiger leave his residence that morning said he seemed 'impatient' and eager to get on the road. It later emerged he had problems with his valet service in delaying him getting to his car.

Road safety cameras in the area picked up a normal driving speed minutes before the crash. Local police have said the crash site is a dangerous stretch of road. Road authorities had added a gravel ramp to slow people down, with a net placed on the side to stop cars from rolling over.

Tiger was taken to the UCLA Medical Center where he underwent surgery to his legs. He suffered fractures to his tibia and fibula. On Tuesday night, he was deemed to be doing well, conscious and talking to visitors.

Jonathan Byrne

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