Watch: Shane Lowry Celebrates With Daughter After Hole In One At Masters Par Three Tournament

Watch: Shane Lowry Celebrates With Daughter After Hole In One At Masters Par Three Tournament

Shane Lowry is set to make his fourth appearance at The Masters this week, hoping to improve on his personal best 39th placed finish in 2016. Having not appeared in the event last year, the Offaly man did not take long to make up for lost time.

One of the unique aspect of The Masters is the annual par three tournament, which takes place on the eve of the opening round. It is a little bit of something different for golf fans and has generated some very memorable shots down through the years.

Lowry was taking part in the event this evening, lobbing in this beauty of a hole in one on the second hole.


Hopefully the start of a big week. Lowry will be hoping to make the cut at Augusta for just the second time in his career, no easy feat at the toughest tournament in golf. The Clara native has a decent record in majors, having finished 12th or higher in three of the four flagship events in golf.

He will be craving to add The Masters to that list, and Lowry says his previous experience will be key to any improvements:

The first year you are in awe of the place, it's a bit weird. When you become more comfortable, it is easier to get your bearings and stuff. Even just driving down Magnolia Lane, walking in the clubhouse, it all takes getting used to...

It just takes your whole game to be good. I feel like for the most part of the year my chipping has been pretty good, my iron play has been lovely for a few months, and my putting... I still feel has been decent and I feel comfortable...

But Jesus... this is... there is no doubt... I have never been as excited, since the first time I was here. It is the most excited I have been to come to a golf tournament. It was almost last week I was counting down the days.

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