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Watch: AP McCoy Talks Riding "Wild Ponies" With Paul Carberry

Watch: AP McCoy Talks Riding "Wild Ponies" With Paul Carberry

The range of AP McCoy's plaudits and accolades are a thing to be marveled it.

Knighted, Sports Personality of the Year for both the RTÉ and BBC, 20 times a Champions Jockey, a Cheltenham Gold Cup and Grand National winner; it's all a bit overwhelming when you consider he is yet only 43.

Retired from professional riding now three years, the Antrim-born jockey was speaking with At The Races tonight about the highs and occasional lows of his racing career.

One particular tale focused on some of his headier days in the company of fellow jockey, Paul Carberry.

Following Carberry's lead, he and McCoy took the notion to hop up on some "wild ponies" and go for a ride:

Carberry being Carberry went about jumping a stone wall and got a fall off it.

[He had to be] carried home and he was in a really bad way so we decided it was a good idea to just put him in bed.

We had to get the doctor out then during the middle of the night because there was blood in his urine. We had a lot of good fun.

Considering many of those who came up with McCoy in various capacities, the conversation then turned toward another figure of Irish racing whose standing is equally astounding; Aidan O'Brien.


Brought on as a phone-in guest with the intention of 'roasting' McCoy perhaps, it was the jockey who had the last laugh here.

You can watch some of McCoy's interview from tonight's show below.

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