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Watch: 'Frank From Sligo' Cracks Up Presenter On At The Races With Odd Confession

Watch: 'Frank From Sligo' Cracks Up Presenter On At The Races With Odd Confession

Even if you're not remotely interested in the world of horse racing, Sky Sports' At The Races produces some golden moments of tv entertainment.

The mind immediately wanders back to this extraordinarily awkward exchange which left presenter Matt Chapman literally speechless when the camera cut back to him.

This week, Chapman was once more the victim of some awkward live tv, but during a live call with a viewer - a man named 'Frank From Sligo'.

"I want to talk about the bookmakers," says Frank from Sligo.

"Oh, those horrible people, yes," jibes Chapman, oblivious to the can of worms he's just opened for himself live on air. Because Frank from Sligo has a very different take on bookmaking to most:

Yeah. Well what I do, Matt, I go around the pubs on Saturday. And I take bets off the punters, you know? And I give a third of the odds in all the races, you know?

Chapman, on the verge of cracking the shites laughing, suggests Frank from Sligo's pub dealings may not be totally legal, to which Frank responds:


Oh it is legal, yeah. 'Tis legal. Yeah, you can do it up to five-thousand on the day; you can't go above five-thousand.

Chapman says he hopes Frank from Sligo is right, presumably considering there aren't a disproportionately large number of Franks from Sligo who may or may not be breaking the law by taking bets down their local and subsequently willing to actively phone into a horse racing television channel and discussion such a procedure.

Try not to laugh at the clip below:

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