Davy Fitzgerald Calls For Action On 'Abuse' He Faced From Clare Camp

Davy Fitzgerald Calls For Action On 'Abuse' He Faced From Clare Camp

Wexford manager Davy Fitzgerald has said that the abuse he faced during his side's Championship match against Clare was "not right and it should be dealt with".

The Clare legend faced up against old foe Brian Lohan in the opposite dugout, but was appalled at the abuse he claimed was volleyed at him during the game.

Fitzgerald called on the Clare county board to warn the individual about his future behaviour.

“The abuse and the stuff that was thrown at me personally by one individual there today, who was sent there to do it, is not right and it has no place in hurling.

"I would urge and encourage Clare to look at that and not let him do it to anybody else what he did there today. You can’t condone that behaviour."

However, Fitzgerald made no excuses as Clare ran out 1-21 0-17 winners to dump Wexford out of the Championship, with Tony Kelly hitting 1-15 for the Banner.

“The best team won today without a shadow of a doubt. They performed unreal today and I couldn’t say a bad word about them."


The lead up to the game was chockfull of coverage of Fitzgerald's relationship, or lack thereof, with former Clare teammate Brian Lohan. However, he didn't let his personal relationship mar his reflection on the game and Lohan's work as Clare manager.

"I wouldn’t have much time for Brian Lohan and he wouldn’t have much time for me but he was getting a bit of hassle recently - let him do the job. Give him whatever time he needs to do it and stop cutting him. We’re too fast to get down managers’ throats now.”

In the aftermath of the match, the Clare players en masse gathered around Fitzgerald to commiserate the former Clare manager.

“It means a lot. I think anyone who has seen me playing for Clare knows what it meant playing for my own county and the stick myself and my dad have taken at times is so unwarranted, it’s disgraceful, and it’s not right."

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