Ireland Votes That It's Called A Hurley, Not A Hurl

Ireland Votes That It's Called A Hurley, Not A Hurl

Ireland has decided that hurling is played with a hurley and not a hurl.

In a survey conducted by NOW TV, 52 percent of the 25,000 votes were in favour of hurley. Though, 22 of the 32 counties voted for hurl.

All six of the Munster counties - as you would have expected - voted for hurley, as did Donegal, Louth, Monaghan and Sligo.

is it called a hurley or hurl

Cork proved to be the biggest 'hurley' stronghold with a whopping 97 per cent of the 4,371 votes from Leeside voting in its favour.

On the other side, Wexford was the biggest 'hurl' county with 98 per cent of the Yellowbellies’ 1,926 voters choosing it.

Voting breakdown:

hurl or hurley

Total number of votes: 25,294

Breakdown (Hurl v Hurley)

Votes for Hurley: 13,210

Votes for Hurl: 12,084


Top 10 counties (number of votes)

1. Cork: 4,371

2. Tipperary: 2,887

3. Kilkenny: 2,353

4. Dublin: 2,071

5. Wexford: 1,926


6. Galway: 1,496

7. Limerick: 1,393

8. Antrim: 1,376

9. Kerry: 849

10. Clare: 922

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