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This Health Focused Workplace Would Put Your Office To Shame

This Health Focused Workplace Would Put Your Office To Shame

It can be a long old slog putting in your 40 hours most weeks. The eyes are heavy staring at the computer screen all day. The back is in bits from sitting on the office chair for eight hours. The instant coffee from the kitchenette is keeping you awake, but not much more. Honestly, it's no way to live.

Creating silicon microprocessors, drones, wearables and more, Intel in Leixlip already sounds like a great place to work. Importantly though, the office environment stands out for other workplaces by the healthy attitude towards employee well being.

Some of their office's main features include...

  • "EnergyPods" where workers can take naps
  • A hair dresser's
  • Pool and foosball tables
  • Their own Java Republic coffee shop
  • On-site 24-hour staff gym
  • Wellness facilities for massages


Far from ready for the bed at the end of the day, why would you ever leave?

We definitely want a shot of those Energy Pods!

Yeah, we're not jealous at all.


Intel are now hiring for a number of positions:

Graduate Manufacturing Technician. Apply now here.

Graduate Hardware Design Engineer. Apply here.

Graduate Software Engineer. Apply here.


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