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Sky Sports Will Not Charge Businesses While Games Remain Postponed

Sky Sports Will Not Charge Businesses While Games Remain Postponed

With pubs and other establishments having to temporarily close due to ongoing public health concerns, many have been left worried about the lack of income coming through the door.

A number of people have found themselves without work, and despite having to go without money coming in, these businesses will still have bills to pay.

One of those would be subscriptions to sports channels. Not only can pubs not open, but there wouldn't be any games to show even if they were. That's why an announcement from Sky today will have come as such a relief.

They have announced that they will not charge any business for their service until live sport resumes:


We understand that these are challenging times for many of our Sky Business venues, who rely on showing live sport in a social environment to attract customers and revenue.

Supporting these businesses and doing what we can to help them in uncertain times is very important to us.

We would like to reassure our Sky Business venues that from 14 March we will not be charging them for their Sky Sports service until a live sport schedule returns.

As any business will tell you, these subscriptions do not come cheap. That's why this will act as such a relief to so many.

Hopefully more big companies will follow suit in the coming days and weeks.

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Gary Connaughton

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