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10 Sports Autobiographies That Need To Be Written

10 Sports Autobiographies That Need To Be Written

It's Christmas. This means that you, humble Balls reader, will be inundated with requests by family and friends for sports book recommendations, given you evidently have unimpeachable taste.

But instead of giving you a list of books already out there, here are ten books we want to see on the market for Christmas 2018. Please chime in with your suggestions, either tweet @ballsdotie or comment below the line on Facebook.

In Lehmann's Terms by Jens Lehmann 

Lehmann's recent book is entitled The Madness is on the Pitch, an odd title given that much of the madness described in the book occurred off the pitch. (This Ray Parlour story attests to that).

We urge Lehmann to write a second book, because he missed out on one of the truly great autobiography titles.

Spoiler Alert! by any rally driver, ever

The real race between rally drivers should be to name their book this. Exclamation mark optional.


At These Particular Moments In Time by Kenny Cunningham 

Kenny's memoirs will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows.

A Real Paige Turner by Paige 

Few WWE stars - nay, any sports stars - are better-placed to write a book based purely on the title.

Super Cally Goes Ballistic, His Successors Are Atrocious by Ian Callaghan 

If you read the autobiographies of any of Liverpool's legends from the 1970s and 1980s, many of them will complain that the quality - and attitude - of the players today is nowhere near as good as it was in his day. We assume that Liverpool's record appearance holder Ian Callaghan shares a similar view.


Fergie's Times by Alex Ferguson

Ferguson surely has another couple of autobiographies left in him.

No Leg to Stand On by Oscar Pistorius

In which Pistorius looks back over the last few years of his life.

Stander Up and Fight by CJ Stander (not Stan Collymore)

In which rugby's CJ Stander explains how he has become an adopted Munsterman.

Barnes and Noble, A Life in Claret and Blue by Ashley Barnes and Mark Noble

A revolutionary new football autobiography, in which two footballers recall their careers, linked only by the colours of Burnley and West Ham.

The Davy Byrne Ultimatum by  Davy Byrne, Davy Byrne, and Davy Byrne

Continuing the theme of revolution, here's the Davy Byrne Ultimatum is a package of three autobiographies by each of the three Davy Byrne's involved in Dublin GAA. But, readers must choose only one. The other two are burned before reading...not all puns come quite so easily.

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