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Win Up To €10,000 For Your Local Sports Club - Here's How

Win Up To €10,000 For Your Local Sports Club - Here's How

We all know that sport clubs are the life and soul of so many Irish communities. Were it not for the tireless work that so many unpaid volunteers contribute in the name of sport, it's hard to imagine how any of them could exist. A little bit of money would a long way for most sports club. €10,000 would be transformative.

Circle K is delighted to announce that its Cash For Clubs campaign is up and running again this year. This is a brilliant idea that allows people to directly support their local club and help it win up to €10,000. Participating is REALLY easy. Here's how it works.

Every time you spend €30 at Circle K, you're qualified to receive one token that can be used for the Cash For Clubs campaign, just by swiping your Play or Park game tag. You can allocate that token to your club via the Play Or Park website. Once your club gets 500 tokens, it will be entered in the random draw to see which Irish sporting club will win the €10,000. Best of all, every time your club earns 500 tokens, it is allowed another entry in the draw.

Get involved now, since the deadline for entries is 19 August. Start by doublechecking if your club is registered. (For a complete breakdown of the rules, click here).


This is a brilliant way to make the money you're spending on petrol and the like at Circle K work for your own sports club. Get the whole community involved and your local gymnastics, boxing, tennis or GAA club could reap the benefits.

Paul McGoldrick

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