A Dublin Company Have Pissed Off A Lot Of People With Their Jose Aldo Billboard

A Dublin Company Have Pissed Off A Lot Of People With Their Jose Aldo Billboard

The point of advertising is to get people to notice whatever it is you're selling and, in that regard, Hamptons Floor Store have done a rather decent job. The Dublin company have risked the ire of the Brazilian nation and MMA fans in general by opting for some rather controversial marketing tactics to help flog their floors.

Spotted in Dublin, the following image has been doing the rounds on twitter and on MMA forums and it's fair to say not everyone is seeing the funny side.

The company in question is based in the Conor McGregor heartland of Crumlin so perhaps it's no surprise to see them capitalise on his success. Whether the tenuous link between a Brazilian (wax) and laying flooring was the way to go with that is up for debate.

A lot of people are questing whether it is legit or not but it genuinely does seem to be and this particular brand of advertising, complete with the 'Get Laid' slogan have been used by the company over the past year or so to jump on the bandwagon of a couple of 2015's more notable news stories. (Continued below)

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Along the lines of the reaction to that campaign, this one is not going down splendidly with everyone either.


There's quite a few MMA forums that have voiced their displeasure with the ad but the good folk over at /r/mma have been particularly vocal in their displeasure.


It must be said that quite a lot of people have also given the campaign a hearty chuckle and thumbs up so for all the anger, you'd have to say fair play. It may be in bad taste, but it's certainly done its job.

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