Watch: Dustin Poirier Goes Berserk At Crowd For Booing Eddie Alvarez After 'No Contest'

Watch: Dustin Poirier Goes Berserk At Crowd For Booing Eddie Alvarez After 'No Contest'

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez's clash with Dustin Poirier at UFC Dallas ended in a controversial 'no contest' after Alvarez illegally used his knee while the lightweight #9 was grounded.

Poirier had Alvarez on the brink before Philadelphia's 'Underground King' mounted a sensational comeback, before felling 'The Diamond' with a blatantly illegal knee. Referee Herb Dean subsequently intervened, and while it was apparent to the broadcast team and tv viewers that the famed official had ruled the fight a no contest having interpreted Alvarez' knee as accidental, the Dallas crowd were left to await the decision - many of them unaware as to result of the fight.

When the end came after just over four minutes of an outstanding second round, debate raged on Twitter as to why Alvarez wasn't disqualified and, in turn, why Poirier had been punished for Alvarez's mistake.

Alvarez looked decidedly mortified by the turn of events, apologising to a devastated Poirier for essentially making an absolute balls of it. He did so once more during the pair's post-fight interview, before Joe Rogan asked Alvarez to explain what had happened. Alvarez again apologised, this time to the 20,000-strong crowd at the American Airlines Centre. His gesture was greeted with a decidedly mixed reaction, with a high proportion of those in attendance booing Alvarez for botching the contest.

With Alvarez mid-apology, a furious Poirier grabbed the mic from Joe Rogan and lambasted the boo-boys, shouting:

Hey! Don't boo this man! This guy's a champion, this guy's fought all over the world, I got nothing but respect for this guy! Don't boo this man, this guy's a warrior!

We both put it on the line every time we step in here! This is unfortunate, Eddie didn't mean to do that, but like he said, this is a fist fight. We're fighting.

Alvarez clearly appreciated Poirier's support during a difficult moment, and reached across to embrace his adversary, raising Poirier's arm post-hug.


A rematch is most certainly in the pipeline. You can watch back the incident and the post-fight interview below.

Alvarez v Poirier illegal blows and post-fight interview

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