Report: Conor McGregor Sees Charges Against Him Dropped

Report: Conor McGregor Sees Charges Against Him Dropped

Charges against Conor McGregor, relating to a phone-snatching incident in March, were dropped by Florida prosecutors today.

The Miami-Dade County Court was expected to begin the trial today, but after the alleged victim of the incident failed to appear and had withdrawn statements, the case was dropped.

On March 11 last, McGregor was accused of snatching a phone from a civilian, stamping on it and eventually walking away once he placed it in his pocket.

That led to charges of "robbery by sudden snatching".


Following the short hearing, Sam Rabin, representing the Irish MMA star, told RTÉ News:

He feels he should not have been arrested but he believes this is a just and fair resolution. We think this was the appropriate result.

McGregor's legal team is understood to have reached an out-of-court settlement with Ahmed Abdirzak, the victim of the Irishman's misconduct.

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