Away From The Bluster And Bullshit, There's Another Side Of Conor McGregor

Away From The Bluster And Bullshit, There's Another Side Of Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has built a brand around being a provocateur - his aggressiveness in the lead up to his fights and sheer confidence in his ability have indisputably made him one of the biggest alpha males Irish sport has ever seen. But in the lead up to his pro boxing debut, the Dubliner showed a softer side on Saturday.

Despite having a huge amount of preparation to get through ahead of completely changing sports and going into the ring against the best boxer in the world at the end of August, McGregor freed up his schedule to visit Our Lady's Chidlren's Hospital in Crumlin, and he's won himself a few extra fans.

One fan in the hospital tweeted thanks to the Crumlin man saying his presence "was just the lift my family and everyone in the heart centre needed" before going on to say that the visit was completely unannounced with McGregor just strolling into and calling from room to room.


The MMA fighter/boxer even went out of his way to visit Faith Reid pictured below with her parents Leanne and Conor.

The Reids had heard McGregor was in the vicinity but was on the other side of the Ward. After going out to try and find him one of the family members found he was too busy and got him to make a video message instead - after recording the video McGregor apparently said  "Fuck it, I’m going over to see her” and raced to the other side for the photo.

There's a lot of people who've had enough of Conor's schtick and are fed up with his over the top behaviour but this kind of thing is also not beyond the Crumlin man and suggests a different side to someone who's public profile is built on bluster.

Gavin O'Callaghan

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