Conor McGregor Denies Claims About His Weight Going Into Mendes Fight

Conor McGregor Denies Claims About His Weight Going Into Mendes Fight

Speaking on the Jim Rome show earlier this week, Chael Sonnen claimed that just eight days before Conor McGregor's 145lb interim title fight with Chad Mendes that the Irishman weighed 172lb.

That would mean a massive 27lb weight cut before the weigh-in on July 10th.

McGregor has now refuted Sonnen's claims.

Also speaking on the Jim Rome Show, McGregor said that Sonnen must have 'misheard' him.

That is definitely not true.

He must have misheard me, my weight was never that high. I’m a professional inside the octagon and outside the octagon.

I’ve flown over a 20 person team, strong team out here to Las Vegas, to prepare for this fight. So I’ve taken every precaution, to prepare for this.

This is the fight of my life and I take this game very very seriously so my weight is on point, everything is on track to make 145 pounds, that’s it.


What McGregor did not deny was his proffered bet with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta. Dana White said yesterday that the Dubliner had offered to wager $3 million that he would knock out Chad Mendes within two rounds.

McGregor told Jim Rome that the number was actually closer to $3.5 million.

It was more closer to 3.5 million: there was a stipulation on the pay-per-view buys.

It would have added 3.5 million dollars to my purse, and I feel I must see Dana and I must see Lorenzo and we must shake on it. Because a bet of that magnitude, you must shake hands.

I will knock him out in the first round, the bet was inside two rounds, it was merely a safety net to throw in that extra round, but I believe he will be finished inside one round.

He’s too short, he’s too predictable, and I got to match my precision with my power; it will be too much for him.

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