Conor McGregor's Interview With Alastair Campbell Began A Bit Awkwardly

Conor McGregor's Interview With Alastair Campbell Began A Bit Awkwardly

'Who's Nicola Sturgeon?'

Those were Conor McGregor's first words in his interview with Alastair Campbell on GQ.

As someone who worked closely with a single minded narcissist with a messianic sense of his own destiny, the editors of GQ evidently felt that Alastair Campbell was the ideal person to interview Conor McGregor.

Campbell began the interview by breezily noting that the last two GQ interviews he'd conducted were with Jose Mourinho and Nicola Sturgeon.

As someone long consumed by the political game, Campbell was gobsmacked that McGregor had never heard of the Scottish First Minister.

The phrase 'are you serious?' was blurted out.

Conor had better luck with the Taoiseach. 'Do you know who Ireland's prime minister is?', Campbell asked him. 'Do we have a prime minister?' he replied laughing.


AC: Yeah, the Taoiseach.

CM: Ah yes, Enda Kenny... but my fans think I am the Taoiseach.

After a brief wobble, he got to the identity of the UK prime minister.

Is it Tony Blair? No, he's gone. It's - oh give me a second - Cameron, yeah, Cameron. I am just not interested. I think we should all focus on who we are, what we want to do, and do it. That is my way. I don't know why anyone would want to do that politics stuff.

McGregor then confirmed that he had never voted.

Thereafter, the interview ranged across matters such as 'money', 'confidence', the short career of an MMA fighter, and McGregor's attitude to other sports.

He doesn't consider golf a sport because there is no combat element but does respect it as a 'difficult game with lots of mental stuff'.

He has no time for Formula One.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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