Eddie Alvarez Delivers On Incredibly Sound Promise To Injured GAA Player

Eddie Alvarez Delivers On Incredibly Sound Promise To Injured GAA Player

If things had played out a little bit differently, there's every chance that Eddie Alvarez would be hailed as an Irish sporting hero on these shores. A proud Irish-American at the top of the UFC, if it wasn't for a certain Crumlin native, it's fair to say that we might be a little bit more forthcoming in claiming Alvarez as one of our own.

Sporting rivalry aside, he's certainly earned his fair share of Irish fans this week after one of the most thoroughly sound reactions to a Twitter appeal you're ever likely to see.

A couple of weeks ago, Alvarez was contacted by fellow Philadelphia resident Declan Goodfellow who plays football for Kevin Barry's GFC in the city. Goodfellow was looking to raise some awareness for a GoFundMe campaign for his teammate Aaron Elliot.

Hailing from Clonoe in Co. Tyrone, Elliot made the move to Philadelphia in March to play for Kevin Barry's. Tragically, Elliot was hit by a car on August 26th and was taken to Abington Memorial Hospital in 'extreme critical condition'.

Weeks of surgery and rehabilitation have seen the Tyrone man's condition improve significantly put, as it explains on the GoFundMe campaign, there is still a long road ahead.

Aaron will remain in the hospital for a minimum of six weeks at the recommendation of his neuro surgeon. Once he is released from the hospital, Aaron will require intense rehabilitation without health insurance; so any help that you can provide will go towards the extensive care and recovery that Aaron will endure throughout this recovery period.

Which is where the Twitter appeal to Alvarez came in. But, rather than simply retweeting to get the message out, Alvarez really did go a few steps further than that.


And sure enough, Alvarez came through on that promise on Monday.

With the incredible campaign that Aaron's friends and family are running, as well as the publicity that Alvarez's gesture has garnered, the GoFundMe is at almost the halfway point at the time of writing. You can visit Aaron's campaign page here.

Gary Reilly

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