Gunnar Nelson Fans The Flames Regarding Conor McGregor's Future

Gunnar Nelson Fans The Flames Regarding Conor McGregor's Future

Gunnar Nelson is an enigmatic figure. On the surface he is a mixed martial artist who seemingly puts opponents in chokes for fun while remaining in a constant composed state. Rarely does he utter more than a few sentences in his post-fight interviews, so it is quite surprising to hear him speak so openly in a 30 minute interview with Australian outlet, Submission Radio.

It honestly makes for a fascinating listen as the Icelandic submission expert speaks about a variety of subjects from video gaming, opponents and Conor McGregor's plans for the future. It seems as if every respective figure has voiced their opinion on the Dubliner's potential bout with Floyd Mayweather and 'Gunni' only added to the speculation when he stated that McGregor may never fight in the UFC again if he reigns supreme.

Nelson and McGregor have trained with one another under the SBG banner for almost a decade which in turn has led the former to develop a rather amusing Dublin accent. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt is in a position to offer some insight considering the fact that he has formed a bond both on and off the mat with McGregor in his time here.

While Nelson admits that he is not sure what McGregor's next move will be, he states that the dual-weight champion is solely focused on the ring rather the octagon for the moment.

You never know what he is going to do next. If he beats Mayweather, I'm not sure if he'll ever fight again to be honest.

I don't know but I could see him just floating off and doing something else crazy, you know.

Otherwise, maybe he'll fight Khabib next.

I don't know what he's going to do but he's just focusing at one thing at a time and right now it's Floyd Mayweather.

The Icelander cites the fact that McGregor is motivated by new challenges (and vast sums of money), which thankfully for him, a fight against Mayweather would guarantee both. The very thought of a mixed martial artist defeating arguably the most technically sound boxer of all time seems far-fetched.

I'm basing it on he wants to go bigger everytime. He's taken the two belts now he beats Mayweather in this huge superfight. I'm not sure what he will see as the next challenge.

I don't really see what he comes into the UFC again for but there's always something.

I'm not sure where his mind is going to be but he's going to have a tonne of money anyway.

Maybe another boxing match. He may get more money there...I have no idea.


It certainly poses an interesting scenario; If McGregor was to miraculously be the first fighter to defeat Mayweather in a professional bout, would he be tempted by another boxing match? Like so many aspects of the Dubliner's life, it's certainly not outside the realms of possibility. The idea of him beating Mayweather, though, probably is.

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