Jon Jones Shoots Down Reporter's Questions In Awkward UFC 232 Press Conference

Jon Jones Shoots Down Reporter's Questions In Awkward UFC 232 Press Conference

Jones Jones and Alexander Gustafsson meet for the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 232 in Los Angeles this weekend. The fight has been surrounded in controversy due to a drug testing abnormality involving Jones.

The 31-year-old was found to have trace amounts of a steroid metabolite in his system during a test carried out on December 9th. USADA found that the amount, measured in picograms, was residual from a test which Jones failed last year and had no performance-enhancing benefit.

UFC 232 was originally scheduled to take place in Las Vegas. However, the Nevada State Athletic Commission said it was not willing to give Jones a licence for the fight without first holding a hearing. As the fight was just weeks away, UFC 232 was moved to LA, whose commission is willing to license Jones.

At the UFC 232 press conference on Thursday night, Jones and UFC president, Dana White, faced a number of questions regarding the situation.

Those included from Swedish reporter, Izabelle Kostic. In an awkward exchange, Jones - who has served suspensions for failed drugs tests - refused to answer her questions, telling her to "sit down" and that "you suck".

Izabelle Kostic: I'm going to start with a couple of questions for Jon. How come this the third time we're actually taking focus from the fighters and the fights and talking about what you have in your body, whether it's picogram or a pictogram? Why have you tested now positive?

Jon Jones: Next question, please. Thank you.

IK: Oh wow. Alright. Dana White. Tell me, why are we still having this guy here instead of seeing a two-year suspension like Frank Mir or [Tom] Lawlor?

Dana White: Why are we still what? What's the question?

JJ: Sit down.

IK: I'm sitting down.

JJ: Somebody, take the mic from her. Better questions. Better journalism. You suck.

DW: Let her talk. What's the question?

IK: What's the reason for Jon Jones having a picogram in his body?

DW: That's been the topic of this entire [press conference]. Like I told Ariel [Helwani], talk to Jeff Nowitzki about it. If you want to know the science of what's going on, talk to him.

Jones believes that he will be vindicated by USADA in the long-term. Gustafsson, who has lost to Jones previously, believes that his opponent this weekend is a cheater.


"Whatever this guy is saying, it's just bullshit, it's just terrible. Whatever this guy is saying, you can't take it serious at all.

"This guy is not confident, he has to put shit in his body to be confident, that's how it is."

Forward to the 39:39 mark below to watch the exchange between the reporter, Jones and White.

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