Jose Aldo Is Really Going After Conor McGregor Over Irish Drug Testing Regime

Jose Aldo Is Really Going After Conor McGregor Over Irish Drug Testing Regime

Critics may say it's beginning to follow a well worn path at this stage but that doesn't mean we're willing to look away. It's less than three weeks away from the fight of the year and, much like the build up to UFC 189, we have a drug test controversy to sink our teeth into.

Perhaps anticipating Conor McGregor's next move, Jose Aldo has brought drug tests back to the fore. This time however, he's trying to turn the suspicion on to McGregor. The Brazilian champ posted this picture on his Instagram on Monday accompanied by the message 'Another one for the account'.

Mais um teste pra conta!! ??

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That just so happened to accompany an interview with Combate in which Aldo is throwing some serious doubt on the testing regime that McGregor has been subject to during his stay in Ireland.

He's not being tested in Ireland. I don't even know if there is a commission. This commission had to be from Vegas or anywhere. We said that, like he said it a lot, we wanted to be tested every week at the same time, me and him, but it didn't happened. I'm being tested a lot, they come here in the gym, I don't see any problem.

Sport Ireland may also have something to say about that, but the USADA records (via /r/mma) show that those claims are baseless given that both fighters have had four samples taken this year. However, it would be easy to suggest that Aldo is simply firing off shots before McGregor gets a chance.


Ahead of UFC 189, this tweet from McGregor really ramped up the pressure on Aldo amid some serious controversy over a misplaced sample.

When details emerged of that incident, it didn't exactly do much for Aldo's image but with little proof to back up his claims, it's unlikely Aldo will be able to shake McGregor with these latest claims.

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