'Hard To Know If It’s His Success Or My Mistake' - Jose Aldo On Saturday's Defeat

'Hard To Know If It’s His Success Or My Mistake' - Jose Aldo On Saturday's Defeat

Jose Aldo was visibly shocked in the aftermath of his receipt of a knockout left hook from Conor McGregor at UFC 194.

Previous to Saturday, the Brazilian had only tasted defeat once in his career, and that was over ten years ago.

It is - all but - an alien concept to him.

So, understandly, Aldo says he finds the 13 second loss 'hard to digest'.

The 29-year-old relayed some of his thoughts to Brazilian site Combate.

It still is too hard to digest. We trained hard, did everything right, and the result wasn’t positive. It takes a while for us to digest, but it’s part (of the sport). It’s a sport and we have to accept.

So, there wasn’t even a fight, right? Only 13 seconds. And I also remember when I came in, how I tried to punch. But, man, it’s hard to know if it’s (his) success or (my) mistake. It’s a quick decision, and he was able to connect a good punch when I tried a combination.

Aldo also spoke of his desire for a rematch.


This is an opportunity which many, given that he lost in just 13 seconds, feel he does not deserve straight away.

However, previous to McGregor, Aldo was the only champion which the UFC featherweight division had known.

We spoke (with Dana White) right after. But I think it’s too soon to talk. Of course, I want a rematch, and I think I have this right. Not only me, but my career speaks for itself.

It wasn’t this time, but we will come out victorious, for sure. It’s a sport, we have to accept. Not only from wins you live your life. That makes us stronger. Way stronger. You can be sure that we will come back stronger, more champion than I was before.

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