Jose Aldo Opens Up The Possibility Of Following McGregor To Lightweight For Rematch

Jose Aldo Opens Up The Possibility Of Following McGregor To Lightweight For Rematch

In the immediate aftermath of McGregor's stunning victory over long time UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, the Brazilian was calling for a rematch. Now that the former champion has returned to his native country - he's even more adamant that he wants another shot at McGregor and will go some lengths to get it.

While McGregor has been proclaiming that he wants to conquer both the featherweight and lightweight divisions at the same time - Aldo told Brazilian site that he will do what he can to get a rematch against the Irish champion - even if it means following McGregor up a weight class.

The next fight could be a rematch, then it is to keep a level head. I do not know whether it is immediate or not revenge. We're talking. Conor wants to move up, can no longer make weight. (We) may fight in the weight up. The next could be a title fight with Frankie Edgar.

There had been rumours that Aldo would move up to 155 llbs before UFC 189, but Aldo appeared to suggest that there was no competitor in the division worth his time. Now that McGregor has taken Aldo's title off him - a potential move is now back on the cards.

UFC fans everywhere will be waiting for McGregor's wrist to be cleared so that we will get to see what McGregor's next move is - with Frankie Edgar and Aldo waiting for him at featherweight, and a host of new challengers and rivalries at lightweight including Cowboy Cerrone and champion Rafael Dos Anjos - who will face off in a title fight on Saturday.



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