Colby Covington's Post-Fight Interview Was More Entertaining Than Title Fight

Colby Covington's Post-Fight Interview Was More Entertaining Than Title Fight

Colby Covington defeated Rafael dos Anjos by unanimous decision at UFC 225 on Saturday night to claim the interim UFC welterweight title.

Tyron Woodley's year-long, enforced absence due to a shoulder injury allowed the 30-year-old to step into the title breach. A unification fight in now eyed by both Woodley and Covington.

The absence of another fighter from the promotion - Conor McGregor - has also allowed Covington to become the UFC's trash-talker-in-chief.

"All my haters in one studio, I appreciate it, guys," the American told Fox Sports during his post-fight interview.

Former UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping, was the main target of Covington's words.

What kind of excuses are you going to make for RDA now? Are you going to say he's a lightweight, he's overweight, he's this and that? We know you're going to make excuses - no one's ever going to legitimise me.

"Why are you being so defensive? Why are you going to be a prick?" asked Bisping in response.


Covington believed Bisping and other analysts had built up Dos Anjos to be unbeatable.

"That makes it even better for you," answered Bisping.

"We said he was a great opponent. I don't know if you care to list - I know you've just had a fight, you've been hit in the head a few times and obviously, you're not thinking straight - we just said you fought a very good fight. If you care to listen, open your ears, and stop talking so much crap for a minute, you might hear that we gave you some compliments."

After calling out Bisping for a fight - "I'll retire you for good" - Covington outlined his plans for the welterweight division.

I'm here to make the division great again and you know what I'm going to do by making the division great again, I'm going to go to the White House and put this on Donald Trump's desk.

"Do you have the invite to the White House or is that just another figment of your imagination like being the champ?" asked Bisping.

You can watch the Fox Sports interview with Colby Covington below.

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