Watch: Beautiful Moment As NYC Cop Bumps Into Conor McGregor And Almost Weeps

Watch: Beautiful Moment As NYC Cop Bumps Into Conor McGregor And Almost Weeps

Turns out there is some benefit to TMZ's policy of creepily following celebrities around with a camera.

Celebrity, of course, is exactly what UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor is these days, perhaps even more so in America than back home in Ireland. And in fairness to TMZ - who have, at best, a frosty relationship with the Crumlin man - they captured a lovely moment from the build-up to UFC 205 in New York City as McGregor was happened upon by someone who was evidently extremely fond of him: A New York City police officer.

They reported that "An NYPD cop was literally SHAKING IN HER BOOTS when she came face-to-face with Conor McGregor this week -- but she wasn't scared ... she was insanely starstruck!" And by the looks of their video below, in which she compares meeting Mystic Mac to the birth of her children (Jesus), they appear to be correct:

He gets a lot of stick, but inside the man who has vowed to disfigure his upcoming opponent Eddie Alvarez to the point that Philly champ's own children won't recognise him anymore, there's still a sound bloke from the Crumlin Road...

Regardless of what you may think of him, it's still nice to see her borderline yelp with excitement as he takes a picture with her. Good old America, eh? Where the feverish obsession with celebrity culture almost never goes horrendously wrong.


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