Reports That Jose Aldo Threatened To Sue The UFC Over Injury Claims

Reports That Jose Aldo Threatened To Sue The UFC Over Injury Claims

Chael Sonnen has been talking in detail about the Jose Aldo injury business.

He says that Aldo has been busy threatening legal action over claims that he mislead the public by releasing two different sets of X-Rays after withdrawing from his title defence against Conor McGregor.

Sonnen reported that the x-rays Aldo's doctors sent to the UFC cleared him to fight, while the ones Aldo revealed online showed a broken rib.

Aldo's lawyers rang Sonnnen and asked him his views.

Somewhere in my answer I said that Aldo pulling out was very fugazi because he had two separate sets of x-rays.

He had the x-rays that were sent from his doctor to the UFC’s doctors, which showed a bruised rib and he was cleared to fight. And he had a separate set of x-rays which he personally released online which showed… what appeared to be a broken rib.

When Sonnen had given them the benefit of those views, they very kindly said they wouldn't sue him if he didn't repeat them. They went on to tell Sonnen that the same message had been transmitted to the UFC.

At a UFC press conference recently, similar comments to Sonnen's regarding the separate X-Rays had been made. Sonnen was merely 'parroting' the information that was given at the press conference.


I heard it and I repeated it. So where did this story come from? I said, I heard this at a UFC press conference. And the attorney said ‘yeah, well pay attention in the next few days, you won’t hear the UFC saying it anymore, because before we called to threaten you with a lawsuit, we called and threatened them with a lawsuit’

Owing to the very definite nature of the threats, Sonnen told his listeners that he had to assume Aldo was telling the truth.

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