Conor McGregor's Father Addresses Reports Regarding His Son's Safety

Conor McGregor's Father Addresses Reports Regarding His Son's Safety

For the past few days, Conor McGregor appeared to be caught up in a storyline from Love/Hate. He was reportedly involved in an altercation in a Dublin bar over the weekend.

Inadvertently, McGregor had apparently become entangled in a row with an individual who has connections to the Kinahan cartel. One of the people involved in the pub fight was reportedly the father of the individual.

Crime reporter Paul Williams claimed on Wednesday that according to his sources Gardaí would likely be in touch with McGregor to inform him that there may be threats to his safety as a result of the row.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Conor McGregor's father, Tony, addressed the speculation. "That’s all nonsense, that is. Absolute nonsense. It’s an absolute nonsense story," said Tony McGregor.

It’s grown legs and it’s getting that ridiculous – it’s become funny. We have nothing to fear here whatsoever. There’s no one after us for anything.


Tony McGregor added that the guards had "no reason to be in touch. Why would they?”

We’re a law-abiding family and we’ve stayed a law-abiding family. As a matter of fact, right now I’m going out to buy my TV licence. I’d view 95% of that story as nonsense and the other 5% is overly exaggerated. And that’s it.

He also said that Conor McGregor is currently at home with his son.

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