UFC To Remain With BT Sport After All

UFC To Remain With BT Sport After All

The UFC will remain on BT Sport, having briefly defected to Eleven Sports. The world's biggest MMA events were due to be on the latter streaming service from January, but the UFC triggered an exit clause when the extent of Eleven's troubles were laid bare.

A condition of the UFC deal obliged Eleven to establish distribution to a larger audience with an established platform, be it Sky, BT, or Virgin. They failed to do so, however - talks with Virgin collapsed while it's reported that Sky and BT did not engage.

As Eleven Sports founders, the UFC have now returned to BT Sport. 

Dana White broke the news in his usual, understated style...

I have some big news for you - UFC is staying on BT Sport. In 2019, BT Sport will continue to be the exclusive home in the UK and Ireland for all UFC live events.


As for what now happens with Eleven - reports say that they are seeking to renegotiate their deals for Serie A and La Liga football, which reportedly involves the rights going back to tender while Eleven keep hold of streaming rights for a hugely discounted fee.

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