UFC's European Chief Has Some Very Good News For Irish MMA Fans

UFC's European Chief Has Some Very Good News For Irish MMA Fans

It seems the rumours of UFC's return to Dublin were true. Dave Allen, the UFC's general manager in Europe, Middle East and Africa has gone on record and said that a return to Ireland will definitely be happening later this year. Allen even went as far as saying that he 'guarantees' it.

The UFC had teased fans by tweeting that there was an announcement imminent along with a picture of the Dublin crowd. Allen has confirmed that more details would be released in the next ten days along with information concerning when tickets will go on sale. The UFC obviously have ambitious plans for the European market with Allen saying:

It’s 129 countries, and we've been to six of them, so we've got another 123 to try and get to. Everybody wants us to come, and that’s a fantastic place to be in. We want to look at some new markets, for sure.


He also revealed that they were eyeing up Russia and France as other possible destinations in 2016, while there was also talk of a European version of “The Ultimate Fighter”. But the best news was reserved for Irish fans who will be delighted to see UFC returning to these shores in the near future.


Barry Connaughton

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