Video: Conor McGregor Tells The World Who He Wants To Fight The Most

Video: Conor McGregor Tells The World Who He Wants To Fight The Most

Conor McGregor was asked a simple question on Beyond the Octagon last night. A fan put forward this to the Notorious,

If you could fight anyone from history, alive or dead, who would it be?

There are so many people you would expect to be top of the McGregor's list. You've got UFC fighter's he's had public feuds with such as Cub Swanson and Dennis Siver or legends of the sport that came before his time like BJ Penn. He could have went down the route of great fighters in other combat sports like Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao. There's the novelty option of choosing Bruce Lee or the opportunity to school wannabe B-movie action stars like Steven Seagal or Jean Claude-Van Damme. And of course, there's always the safe choice of saying that you would hand Adolf Hitler his own ass

However, being the unconventional character that he is, McGregor decided to pick an unconventional opponent for this fictional fight. You could tell by the devious grin washed over John Kavanagh's face that he knew the answer would be a good 'un.

It would be really great if you could fight yourself.

Cue fits of laughter coupled with aggressive knee-slapping from the audience. The crowd really enjoyed that one.


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