Watch: Eddie Alvarez Rips The Piss Out Of Ireland Before McGregor Arrives

Watch: Eddie Alvarez Rips The Piss Out Of Ireland Before McGregor Arrives

Yep, as expected, shit went down in a major way.

While Dana White wasn't overly perturbed by Conor McGregor's typical tardiness to the UFC 205 final press conference in New York, it seemed to irk the organisation's lightweight champion, and upcoming McGregor foe, Eddie Alvarez.

Asked by a reporter what he thought of McGregor not being on stage at 8pm to field questions, Alvarez paused before stating he was disappointed in McGregor's native land. Eventually standing up and pointing to McGregor's empty seat, Alvarez announced:

Honestly, so I'm half-Irish... I'm disappointed in the country of Ireland right now, that THIS is their representative. This is your representative. Where is he? Where is he?

After a couple of questions for Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson, Alvarez was again coaxed into speaking about the Irish fans.

I don't understand shit they say - they're from Ireland. I don't understand a goddamn thing they say. They don't even know their numbers - they say 'tir-teen'! I don't even know what that shit is.


We can't imagine why Irish MMA fans would ever use that number while discussing Conor McGregor, but while we tried to figure it out, Alvarez - still pissed off that McGregor was seemingly about to pull a no-show - stormed off stage minutes before McGregor's arrival.

Needless to say Alvarez returned, and had a controversial theory about McGregor's upcoming 'left-of-field' announcement.

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