Get Your Shit Together And Watch "Formula 1: Drive To Survive"

Get Your Shit Together And Watch "Formula 1: Drive To Survive"

Formula 1: Drive to Survive is the new Netflix documentary that you should be watching but most probably aren't. Don't get me wrong, I understand your apprehension. Let's face it, Formula 1, in recent years, has become a bit a shit.

Why on earth would you watch a ten-part documentary about last season when you couldn't even bring yourself to watch one race? Because it's a bloody brilliant series, that's why.

The documentary follows a number of teams and drivers across the course of the 2018 season, detailing the behind the scenes shananigans, the teammate disputes and the internal politics, that come together to form a programme that is more interesting than an actual race. While Mercedes and Ferrari ran away from the pack once again last year, they decided not to take part - albeit Ferrari gave limited access - in the Netflix show and it is arguably all the better for it.

Instead we find ourselves invested in the likes of the Haas team, hooked on the future of Daniel Ricciardo and demanding justice for Esteban Ocon. Each episode has its own little sub-plot, featuring surprisingly open interviews with drivers and team members.


Heroes and villians emerge across the series and after watching you will find yourself invested in what happens on the track this season; which started on Paddy's weekend in Australia. In that way, this has been a stroke of genius by Formula 1. This has turned into an amazing promotional tool for a sport that was badly in need of a lift.

Whether you're a devout F1 fan, someone who has fallen out of love with the sport in recent years or you've never watched a grand prix in your life, this documentary has something for everyone.

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