Darragh Maloney Forced To Address Viewers After Annalise Murphy Backlash

Darragh Maloney Forced To Address Viewers After Annalise Murphy Backlash

There has been a huge backlash against RTE for their failure to show Ireland's Annalise Murphy absolutely tearing it up in the Rio Olympics sailing. Murphy currently lies first in the Women's Laser Radial after six races-but viewers are furious that they have had to watch an eclectic mixture of kayaking, diving and badminton instead of Murphy flying up the standings.

RTE Presenter Darragh Maloney was forced to make an apology to the Twitterati who had been venting their collective spleens at the lack of coverage. Maloney said:

We should point out the following: how the Olympic Games receives television coverage is solely decided by the Games host broadcasters, the Olympic broadcasting service. Each of the race classes is given live race coverage on one day of their preliminary rounds-for example on Tuesday it was the men's windsurfing and Annalise Murphy's radial class, but on Wednesday it was Finn Lynch and the women's windsurfing.

So the remaining classes on any given day are covered on a single camera, but that material is not made available to us until 10PM Rio time-that's 2 o'clock in the morning here. And it's not permitted for any broadcaster to arrange for their own multi-camera coverage of any Olympic event.

We had said that the people of Ireland had let their feelings known in that great cauldron of intellectual debate, discussion and reflection, Twitter. Here's what they had to say:



But RTE quickly sought to defend themselves via the same outlet, clarifying the scenario with a fairly reasonable explanation.


In fairness to RTE, their coverage of the Olympics has, in general, been fantastic, with particular highlights being Barry Murphy and Daire O'Brien's craic-filled love-in on the morning highlights show and the as-ever brilliant insight from the boxing analysts; former Olympic bronze medalist Eric Donovan in particular received lots of praise for his dissection of Albert Selimov, opponent of David Oliver Joyce, before the Mullingar man's losing bout.

Maloney, Peter Collins and Joanne Cantwell have been very effective presenters thus far, although Maloney will be hoping that he isn't forced to make any more apologies to the angry Twitter masses.

You have to feel sorry for the sailing analysts, though. It's one thing trying to analyse a race, it's another thing entirely to decipher it when you can't actually see the thing.

Conall Cahill

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