Watch: Shocked Chinese Swimmer's Magical Reaction As She's Told She Won An Olympic Medal

Watch: Shocked Chinese Swimmer's Magical Reaction As She's Told She Won An Olympic Medal

Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui sounded quite upbeat after medalling in her 100 metre backstroke final on Monday night. And why wouldn't she? She had achieved a life's dream aged just 20.

But in Yuanhui's mind, she had finished outside of the podium spots. Until one reporter informed her that she would in fact be stepping onto the podium. And her reaction says it all.


Yuanhui has become something of a sensation in China, with one fan describing her as "as powerful as a mudslide". This is because of her outgoing, slightly eccentric personality and her open delight at having the opportunity to compete in the Games, something she puts down to her "mystic powers" (a slightly Glenn Hoddle-esque statement, it must be said). Yuanhui's honesty, another feature that fans find endearing, shone through when she admitted that at times, training for the Games made life "no better than death":


Yuanhui's displays in Brazil have certainly not gone unnoticed on this side of the globe; she has attracted a whole new category of fan in the Western world, and has certainly proven more popular than her controversial compatriot, Sun Yang.


Interestingly, according to a report in the BBC, Yuanhui represents a new generation of Chinese youngsters who, rather than focus solely on chasing gold medals, are trying to enjoy sport for what it is-the thrill of competition and the feeling of expressing one's physical abilities.

Fu, whose explanation for not achieving gold or silver on Tuesday was her "short" arms, has been the subject of  much imitation back in her home country, including from Jia Nailiang, a famous Chinese actor and, of course, star of the film '爱拼北京'.


Yuanhui's joyous attitude is probably something we should all try and echo. At the very least, it gives us some Fu for thought.

Conall Cahill

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