The BBC's Closing Montage For The 'Unlucky Olympics' Was Magnificent

The BBC's Closing Montage For The 'Unlucky Olympics' Was Magnificent

These last two weeks of incredible sport have reminded us again that there is nothing quite like the Olympics. Given the embattled circumstances that these Olympics took place in, these Games became even more intense. Victory felt sweeter. The heartbreak more devastating

Before the BBC signed off last night from the Far East, its dog-loving commentator Andrew Cotter narrated a stirring piece that managed to capture the majesty of the past two weeks of sport in Tokyo.

It was this line that summed up the broader experience of these Olympics:

"And there was something so much more in Tokyo, something else. Something fragile, the inner workings laid bare, the truth slipping out from behind those masks and those other veils that we force ourselves to wear."

It's all here: the agony (and eventual triumph) of Simone Biles and the ecstasy of Karsten Warholm,


The montage also manages to cover the entire Olympics experience, not just the British one, which makes it even more appealing.

RTÉ's closing montage was beautifully composed as well, and featured a wonderful tribute to the late, great Jerry Kiernan at the end.

Watch these montages to feel all the emotion of the Tokyo Olympics one last time.

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