This Handy App Is Perfect For Following Ireland's Olympic Schedule

This Handy App Is Perfect For Following Ireland's Olympic Schedule

After a long wait, the Tokyo Olympics have finally arrived.

There has been plenty of controversy surrounding the games, with many in Japan preferring that they did not go ahead due to the covid situation in the country.

The result will be a very different experience for athletes, with no spectators allowed to attend the various events that will take place over the next few weeks.

However, that won't stop us from looking forward to what should be a huge occasion. That is especially true in this country, with Team Ireland sending their biggest ever group to the games.

116 Irish athletes will be taking part at the games across a number of different disciplines. With the time difference between Ireland and Japan, some of the events they will be featuring in will be taking place at some very awkward times.

Luckily there is a handy app that will help you keep track of when our athletes will be in action.

The official Olympics app has a number of features, but the most useful comes in the way it displays the schedule of the game.


It allows you to filter the results by nation, meaning once you select Ireland, every event featuring an Irish athlete will be displayed in chronological order. It also gives the results in your local time, meaning there is no need to calculate the difference in Japan.

For example, here are the events that will be featuring Irish athletes over the next couple of days.

It will also tell what athletes are competing in a given event.

It is worth noting that all times are given in 24-hour format, so those events for first few events above will take place in the early hours of Friday morning.

You can download the app on your Apple device here, or on Android here.

This will help make sure you don't miss any Irish medals, something we hope to see a few of in the coming weeks.

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Gary Connaughton

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