Emmet Brennan Refunds GoFundMe Donations After Olympic Heartbreak

Emmet Brennan Refunds GoFundMe Donations After Olympic Heartbreak

Emmet Brennan says that anyone who donated money to help him repay a Credit Union loan which he took out to finance his dream of boxing at the Olympic Games will have their donation returned within the next week.

The 30-year-old Dubliner was beaten in his first fight in Tokyo by Dilshodbek Ruzmetov, one of the favourites for the light heavyweight gold.

Brennan boxed admirably, and in an emotional interview with RTÉ following the fight, said: "I put a huge effort in to get here, without my family I wouldn't be here. I know I didn't let them down, you want to win. I have taken Credit Union loans out, worked part-time and trained full-time."

A GoFundMe page was subsequently set up to help Brennan repay the loan.

"I am aware there has been a gofundme page set up for me to pay back a loan I took out to fund my training," he tweeted on Monday.


"I did not set up or have anything to do with the gofundme page, although it was set up in good faith.

"The loan has been paid back in full by a sponsor of mine. I appreciate everyone putting money into this, but I cannot accept this. I am trying to get everyone refunded as soon as possible."

On Tuesday morning, Brennan said that he had informed GoFundMe that he wished for the donations to be refunded, and added: "I will be doing a charity cycle early September though and will be coming looking for money so keep your wallets open."

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