A Day By Day Guide To The Final Week Of Olympics For Ireland

A Day By Day Guide To The Final Week Of Olympics For Ireland

Ireland has had some ups and downs so far at this Olympics and let's hope for some more ups in the coming week.

The Games finish next Sunday but we still have plenty of Irish competitors to come. So far we've won 3 medals.

We have chances to add to that so we've added in the potential dates to mark in your diary for our contenders.

Monday - 2 August

01:00 - Diving 3m springboard - Oliver Dingley

Oliver will start 18th in a field of 29 divers with the top 15 qualifying for the semi final.


Divers perform 6 dives each.

01:35 - Athletics 1,500m - Ciara Mageean, Sarah Healy

Mageean goes in a very strong heat one with the likes of Laura Muir with her. Healy is in heat three.

The top six qualify automatically for the semi final with the next 6 fastest losers.

03:10 - Athletics 200m - Phil Healy

After her relay heroics, Phil Healy enters his first individual Olympic event. She's in heat 3 with only five others (including the 100m champion Elaine Thompson-Herah.


Top three qualify with three fastest losers.

09:00 - Eventing jumping - Team

The Irish team is ranked 8th after cross country but that won't change much in jumping. Austin O'Connor is our best placed individual but won't trouble the medals.


Tuesday 3 August

01:05 - Athletics 1,500m - Andrew Coscoran


No draw yet for the men's 1,500m but Coscoran will likely need top 4-6 as per the women's event.

01:45 - Athletics 400m - Phil Healy

This may depend on Healy's 200m with the semis and final of that event later today.

Again no draw made yet for the heats.

03:25 - Athletics 200m - Leon Reid, Marcus Lawler

Based on 2021 performances Reid has the best chance of progress.


As you can guess, no draws have been made yet.

04:35 - Boxing lightweight - Kellie Harrington

The boxing tournament so far has shown there are no easy bouts and Harrington faces Imane Khelif of Algeria.

The fight pits the winner of the European qualifier against the winner of the African qualifier. A win guarantees a medal and a place in the semi-final.

11:00 - Showjumping Individual Qualifier - Betram Allen, Cian O'Connor, Darragh Kenny

A different format to previous years with the individual and team events being held separately. All three will believe they can medal.


Top 30 of 75 will advance to the final.


Wednesday 4 August

00:00 - Golf women's - Leona Maguire, Stephanie Meadow

Maguire enters in great form having finished top 10 in the recent major Evian Championships. Meadow was our best golf finisher in Rio.


Similar to the me it's four rounds of stroke play.

07:00 - Diving 10m platform - Tanya Watson

Watson will become the first woman diver to represent Ireland in the Olympics and our first ever platform diver too.

She's 4th in the order and will perform six dives. Top 18 of 30 divers advance.

11:00 - Showjumping individual final 

Potential final for Allen, O'Connor and Kenny. Scores don't carry over from the qualifier.



Thursday 5 August

00:00 - Golf women's - Leona Maguire, Stephanie Meadow

Round two.

05:00 - Modern Pentathlon  fencing - Natalya Coyle

Coyle begins her third Olympics in the fencing hall with 35 bouts ahead.


06:00 - Boxing Light weight

potential semi final for Kellie Harrington

07:30 - 08:27 - 09:07 - 09:55 - Cycling Men's Omnium - TBC

Either Mark Downey or Felix English will compete in this compendium of four events (Scratch, Tempo, Elimination, Points race).

The winner will be decided on a complicated points system that we can't really fit in here. Let's just say it's important to perform well in all 4 events.

08:00 - Athletics 20km walk - David Kenny


The recent under 23 silver medalist likely won't last the pace with the world's best but this is a terrific event for his development.


Friday 6 August

21:30 (Thurs) - 02:00 - 50km walk - Brendan Boyce, Alex Wright

A gruelling event that saw Boyce finish 6th in Doha at the 2019 World Championships.

The man from Donegal has talked up winning a medal. Fingers crossed.


00:00 - Golf women's - Leona Maguire, Stephanie Meadow

Round three.

06:30 - 07:45 - 09:15 - 11:30 - Modern Pentathlon - Natalya Coyle

The times listed are for the swimming, fencing (bonus round), riding and laser run parts.

Modern Pentathlon has a ton of variables but Coyle has finished 9th and 6th at her two previous Olympics.


09:15 - Cycling Madison - Emily Kay, Shannon McCurley

Madison is a crazy sport to watch. The women's event is held over 50km with teams trying to gain laps and win intermediate sprints.

11:00 - Showjumping Team Qualifier - Allen, O'Connor, Kenny

20 teams enter with only 10 to advance. No discard scores mean every fault counts.


Saturday 7 August


23:00 (Friday) - Athletics Marathon - Aoife Cooke, Fionnuala McCormack

McCormack was 20th in Rio and a repeat here would be incredible.

00:00 - Golf women's - Leona Maguire, Stephanie Meadow

Fourth and final round.

Let's hope they're in medal contention.

08:55 - Cycling Madison - Mark Downey, Felix English


The men's event is over 50km (200 laps of the track).

Downey and English have won world cup events in this in the past and have finished top 10 at the last 3 world championships.

11:00 - Showjumping Team final - Allen, O'Connor, Kenny

If Ireland have qualified, the final is a new competition. Scores from the qualifier don't carry over.


Sunday 8 August


23:00 (Sat)- Athletics marathon - Kevin Seaward, Stephen Scullion, Paul Pollock

Scullion is the fastest of the three and it'll be interesting to see who wins the internal race.

02:00 - 02:45 - 03:36 - 04:25 - Cyling Omnium - Emily Kay

The women's omnium is the final cycling event of the Games. Let's hope Kay is in the medal shake up for the points race at the end.

06:00 - Boxing Lightweight

Potential final for Kellie Harrington


Wouldn't that be some way to end the Olympics?

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