Irish Olympian Determined To Go On The Lash Despite Storm Emma

Irish Olympian Determined To Go On The Lash Despite Storm Emma

Brendan 'Bubba' Newby returned home from Pyeongchang today despite the inclement weather. The Irish born skier came 22nd in the men's halfpipe competition and was on top form in the arrivals, telling RTÉ that the 2018 Winter Olympics was "by far the best thing" he'd ever done in his life.

Newby was asked about when he was flying back to America and the skier stated that if he was stuck in Ireland that a session was very much in order:

If there is [flight cancellations] catch me at the ski club cause we're going for a rip!

After extensive research I have determined that going 'for a rip' does indeed mean going on the lash. I have now added it to my vocabulary and I suggest you do the same.


The 21-year-old's enthusiasm is infectious, hopefully he can provide us with more interviews like this in the near future.

When asked if he would return to training after flying back to America Bubba responded: "The first thing I'm gonna do when I get home is hug my mom and find my dog, then I'm gonna ski". Nice to see that the 21-year-old is still grounded.

Bubba spent his early years in Ireland his father was working as an economics professor at UCC when his son was born. He now lives in Park City, Utah.


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