Kazakh Wrestler In Hot Water After Biting Opponent During Olympic Bout

Kazakh Wrestler In Hot Water After Biting Opponent During Olympic Bout

Wrestling is amongst the most traditional sports in the modern Olympics, with the discipline stretching all the way back to the original games in Ancient Greece.

There had been a strange decision to remove wrestling from the Olympics back in 2013, something that would have taken place from 2020. However, the decision was reversed after huge protests from within the sport.

In all, there are 18 wrestling gold medals up for grabs in Tokyo.

There was some major semi-final of the men’s 57kg freestyle competition, with one competitor accused of biting his opponent.

Footage seemed to show Kazakhstan’s Nurislam Sanayev biting down on the arm of India’s Ravi Kumar Dahiya during their match. Sanayev is a two-time world championship medallist in the event, but grew frustrated as his underdog opponent rallied back from a 9-2 deficit to put the pressure on.

This boiled over when he latched on to Dahiya's arms as they were grappling. The Indian immediately made the referee aware of what happened.

You can watch the incident below.



The incident helped spur Dahiya him on to victory, although he would later lose the gold medal match.

The bite also left a nasty mark on his bicep.

Luckily, no lasting damage was done.

We imagine that Sanayev could be looking at some sanctions in the near future for his conduct here.

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