The Moment Kellie Harrington Saw Portland Row Celebrations Was Magic

The Moment Kellie Harrington Saw Portland Row Celebrations Was Magic

"I'm just seeing this now - wow!" said Kellie Harrington on RTÉ as she watched footage of the celebrations on her home street of Portland Row in Dublin following her gold medal win at the Olympic Games.

"I never take my phone with me to competition," she said.

"My phone is still back in the apartment. I'd say it's probably exploded at this stage.

"I didn't really think that many people would get up and watch it. I thought they would rewatch it because it is quite early in the morning.

"Some people say that the weight of a nation could weigh you down, but it really lifted me up. When I was going into the final, I knew whether it was gold or silver, that I'd made my country proud. I'd made me proud, and my family proud. The way I've carried myself throughout the Olympics, I'm proud of that."

Kellie Harrington watches Portland Row celebrations


The 31-year-old said she felt like a deflating balloon when it was announced that she had beaten Beatriz Ferreira by unanimous decision.

"It's not the feeling of, 'Yeah! I've won the Olympics', it's just 'What a relief'," she said.

"I've worked so hard for this. My family know how hard I've worked for it, the coaches know how hard I've worked for it. To step on top of that podium today with our national anthem, and our flag raised above us, was just... I can't describe what it feels like. It's just amazing."

Harrington added: "I genuinely that my Ma, my Da, and my brothers have a better social life than I have! Everybody is calling over to them. It's just great.

"I'm so happy, and honoured, to be able to lift a nation, and give everyone something to smile and cheer about. That means more to me than that (the medal) does."

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