Two Irish Rowers Ranked In World Top 10's

Two Irish Rowers Ranked In World Top 10's

Sanita Puspure and Paul O'Donovan have both made World Rowing's end of year top ten lists.

Puspure is the first ever Irish rower to make the women's list. She comes in at number five with four New Zealanders - Grace Prendergast, Kerri Gowler, Olivia Loe and Brook Donoghue - filling the top four.

The 37-year-old Puspure won the world single sculls title in 2018 and retained it this year in Austria. She was also won gold at the European Championships in Switzerland.

Paul O'Donovan is ranked at the ninth best men's rower in the world. Along with Fintan McCarthy, 2016 Olympic silver medallist O'Donovan won world gold in the lightweight men's double sculls.

Six of the men ranked ahead of O'Donovan are German while the other two are Croatian.

World Rowing women's top ten

1. Grace Prendergast (New Zealand)
2. Kerri Gowler (New Zealand)
3. Olivia Loe (New Zealand)
4. Brooke Donoghue (New Zealand)
5. Sanita Puspure (Ireland)
6. Annabelle McIntyre (Australia)
7. Agnieszka Kobus-Zawojska (Poland)
=8. Maria Springwald (Poland)
=8. Katarzyna Zillmann (Poland)
=8. Marta Wieliczko (Poland)

World Rowing men's top ten

1. Richard Schmidt (Germany)
2. Hannes Ocik (Germany)
3. Malte Jakschik (Germany)
=4. Johannes Weissenfeld (Germany)
=4. Torben Johannesen (Germany)
6. Jakob Schneider (Germany)
7. Valent Sinkovic (Croatia)
8. Martin Sinkovic (Croatia)
9. Paul O’Donovan (Ireland)
10. Mikolaj Burda (Poland)

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