Watch: How Did We Miss The Thai Tims' Tribute To The O'Donovan Brothers?

Watch: How Did We Miss The Thai Tims' Tribute To The O'Donovan Brothers?

Today, Paul O'Donovan and his 'Irish canoe' (read on) won his semi-final of the lightweight skulls at the World Rowing Championships, putting him into the final which takes place on Saturday.

An Olympic silver medal alongside his brother Gary and soon, perhaps, a World Championship medal. It would be a fine year for Paul if he managed to pull it off. But by far his greatest accomplishment this year, and undoubtedly the main thing he will remember 2016 for, is the awesome tribute to him and his brother by a musical group dearly beloved on these shores, the Thai Tims.

The Tims have performed plenty of songs in tribute to Irish sport, such as their Euro 2016 song and their congratulatory message to Katie Taylor after her gold medal four years ago.

Choreography, pitch, rhythm-it really has it all.

Keep an eye on the hip action of that tiger in the background.


And, if your hunger for the 'Thai Tims' still isn't satisfied, feast your eyes on their wonderful take on 'I'll Tell Me Ma' as a tribute to Celtic manager Brendan Rogers.

The Thai Tims really do put a smile on your face. But there is a more poignant tale behind their existence.

Young student and Celtic fan, Reamonn Gormley, had taught English at the school during a gap year shortly before being killed in a knife attack in Lanarkshire, Scotland in 2012, and the children's singing of Celtic songs ensures his legacy lives on to this day.

The Thai Tims have sung at Parkhead and the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in the past.

It remains to be seen whether they'll be invited to Skibbereen for shteak n'spuds after this impressive latest performance.

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Conall Cahill

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