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Northern Irish Man Wins Title But No Fans With Dickhead Behaviour In Darts Final

Northern Irish Man Wins Title But No Fans With Dickhead Behaviour In Darts Final

Derry man Daryl Gurney won his first major PDC darts title by claiming the World Grand Prix in Dublin on Saturday night. The 31-year-old defeated Simon Whitlock in the final.

Gurney came from two sets down to beat the Australian 5-4. Just seconds after he levelled the final at two sets apiece, Gurney strode aggressively towards his opponent, feigning to shoulder Simon Whitlock. He would later receive a warning for his conduct.

After the event, Gurney told PDC Darts he's not the type of player who needs to employ such tactics.

Maybe somebody thought I barged into him but I went round him. I'm not one of these players who needs to do anything like that. If it looked like that on TV, it's possibly because it was head-on but I made sure that I walked around him. I'm not a player that needs to hack or play game tactics.

Throughout the final, the crowd was clearly on the side of Simon Whitlock, something which did not go unnoticed by Gurney.

The only reason I probably took my time on the doubles was beacuse the crowd was on Simon's side. I don't know if it sounded like that on TV but whenever I was going for doubles, the crowd was going mad; they were booing, they really didn't want me to hit the double. I thought Simon was the favourite, crowd-wise. The only time I really, really, really took my time was when the crowd was on my back.


You can watch the incident between Gurney and Whitlock below

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