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Watch: Marble Racing Might Be The Most Exciting Thing We've Ever Seen

Watch: Marble Racing Might Be The Most Exciting Thing We've Ever Seen

With setbacks can come opportunity. We know that the lack of sport going on at the minute is probably driving everybody slowly mad, but don't worry just yet.

While the likes of gaming could take a big jump in the coming weeks, few could have predicted the rise of marble racing. What is marble racing you ask? Well, there's only one way to find out.

This is an absolute thrill a minute. The whole things basically involves making a downhill track and throwing a load of marbles down it, waiting to see who can come out on top.


That may sound a bit boring, but the reality is it is anything but. The races are full of thrills and spills, with runaway leaders often making an absolute balls of things.

We appreciate that these are inanimate objects that have absolutely no control on what goes on, but you completely forget that fact around ten seconds into the race. It's absolutely mad.

In a way, it is the perfect sport. There is no chance of injury, no dealing with big egos or huge pay demands. It's also a perfectly level playing field. While many sports try to make it so every team has the same chance at success, only marble racing can guarantee that is the case.

It is the future.

In a world without live sport, marble racing is the best we've got. In truth, it's probably the best thing we've got regardless.

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Gary Connaughton

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