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Play Our Live Sports Quiz - Starting At 1.30pm

Play Our Live Sports Quiz - Starting At 1.30pm

We are back with another Balls.ie Live Sports Quiz. This is the online trivia game where you're not just trying to beat the clock, you're trying to beat all the Balls.ie audience too!

You will go up against other Balls.ie readers in a 15 question challenge that rewards both speed and knowledge. At 1.30pm all players will be asked to join the quiz lobby. Once everyone is signed in the quiz will start at 1.34pm. This can take a couple of minutes so don't worry if you're in the lobby for a little while.

At the end of the quiz, the person who has answered the most questions correctly is the winner. In the event of a tie then the person who answered all the questions in the shortest amount of time will be champion. So fast fingers are important!


You'll be the able to enter the quiz below. The quiz lobby will load up automatically when we're nearly ready to go and from there you can input your name and cick "Join." Should you have any problems playing below then you can play on www.sli.do by entering the event code BALLSQUIZ.

Mark Farrelly
Article written by
Balls Media Audience Development Manager. Former Miss World 1997 contestant.

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