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Watch: Man Eats 71 Hotdogs In 10 Minutes To Win US Competition

Watch: Man Eats 71 Hotdogs In 10 Minutes To Win US Competition

Joey Chestnut is the greatest sportsman you've never heard of. Well, if you count competitive eating as a sport.

We do.

The 35-year old is the king of competitive eating, having won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest eight times in the last nine years. The event takes place in Coney Island, New York every July 4th. Today, he would win his 12th title overall.

If you ask us, it's the perfect American sporting event.

Now, hotdogs are fairly filling. You'd be feeling fairly bloated after eating one or two of them at the best of times. But these are no ordinary people, these are top athletes conditioned for this very event.

Chestnut would munch down an incredible 71 hotdogs in only 10 minutes. Good god.

The footage is a sight to behold.


Elite athletes performing at the top of their game. That's what it's all about.

Amazingly, Chestnut actually fell three short of his world record 74 hotdogs eaten in 10 minutes. There's always next year.

As you might imagine, this was not the healthiest of meals. Nice bit of protein in it all the same.


The king of the eating game, Chestnut has picked up quite a few fans over the years. As we mentioned earlier, he is one the most successful athletes around at the moment.

Now is the time to get on the bandwagon lads.

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