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Why All The Darts Players Are Drinking Ballygowan

Why All The Darts Players Are Drinking Ballygowan

When we think of the beverage of choice for the world's top darts players, we don't think of the refreshing taste of cold water surging from ancient springs located deep in the earth.

No, we think of large men drinking large pints of sudsy lager, with a lit cigarette in their other hand.

We think of Jocky Wilson falling off the stage after losing to Dave Whitcombe.

But that stereotype of the loutish darts player is perhaps dated and unfair. The sport has evolved with the times, and when the pressure is on and the  TV cameras are rolling, today's leading darts players are seen sipping on water to keep their cool.

The PDC World Championships conclude this evening at the Ally Pally. It's been an eventful few weeks of darts, and one thing that has intrigued many people on this island is the presence of Ireland's biggest bottled water brands on stage during the event.


Ballygowan has been the water of choice at the darts this year, as many Irish viewers have noted on social media.


The reason for this is that Britvic, which purchased Ballygowan in 2007, became the Official Water Partner of the PDC back in July. This partnership means that Ballygowan will be the water drank by thirsty players at all on-stage PDC events both in the UK and Ireland.

"This partnership will enable our players to enjoy Ballygowan water during matches, and also provide huge exposure for Britvic and their range of brands through our global TV coverage of PDC tournaments," said PDC chief executive Matt Porter when the 'groundbreaking' partnership was announced.

Ballygowan has been bottled in Newcastle West since 1981.

Tonight's final sees the mohicaned Peter Wright take on Michael Smith in what should be a compelling decider, if last night's semifinals are anything to go by.

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