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Water Incident Annoys Limerick Man At Grand Slam Of Darts

Water Incident Annoys Limerick Man At Grand Slam Of Darts

Willie O'Connor won his opening group match at the Grand Slam of Darts in Wolverhampton on Saturday.

The Limerick man came from 3-2 down to beat Darren Webster 5-3. Gary Anderson and Dave Parletti are the other two players in O'Connor's group.

O'Connor celebrated the victory enthusiastically. That was partially down to how annoyed he was by 51-year-old Englishman Webster spilling water over his equipment early in the match.

"I got a bit annoyed," O'Connor told Sky Sports.

"I looked back and my darts case and everything was covered in water - he spilt water all over my stuff. It annoyed me early on and it showed in that first and second leg.

"I had been playing great darts backstage. I tried to put it behind me but it really bugged me that he poured water all over my stuff.

"Whether it was done on purpose or not, it was a fact that it happened and it affected me in the middle of my game - it shouldn't have happened."


"Look, I want to come out of my group, I know I've got the darts to do it," added O'Connor.

"I am practising well, been playing well the last while.

"I have the beating of all of these guys. I just have to go up and do it. At the minute my practice is going well and I have the confidence to do it. I think I will do it and I think I will come out of my group."

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